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3,9 (1861)
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Thg8 21, 2021
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Phiên bản:
3.6.5 cho Android
Yêu cầu Android:
Android 3.2

FL Studio Mobile is a cross-platform music editing application. Things developed in this style have set this app apart from other fun tools. These are professional soundtracks and expanded options for creating your own tracks. Positive feedback from musicians like Mike Oldfield, Secret Cinema, Afferjack, and others is a guarantee of its incredible quality.

Due to the simple features of the user interface, this application will be enjoyed by both beginner and experienced music writing users. The advantages of this project include the ability to mix self-written melodies and different tunes as suggested in the application, use different sound effects, and synchronize your work across different devices. However, in FL Studio Mobile, customers cannot use plugins, such as: Transferring compositions to piano rolls and other music editing programs.

Now go to the program menu to familiarize yourself with the suggested sections. Here users are given categories like the right to track drum pads, instruments, tracks, effects, projects, and set tracks. There is also a share button that allows users to post their creations on their social media accounts.

Before downloading, you should know the tuition fees, however, there is a demo version of this app that users can try to see if FL Studio Mobile suits their preferences. However, mixing options are limited during the trial period.

Thus, with the help of this incredible music project, users have the opportunity to have a portable sound recorder on their mobile devices. And this app is also good proof that since music writing is available to everyone, this type of activity will surprise music lovers who want to develop their creativity and enjoy it in non-standard ways.