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İndir All-In-One Offline Maps 3.4 (Full Paid) Apk 2021

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Ara 28, 2019

All-In-One Offline Maps 3.4 (Full Paid) Apk for Android

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Waiting for the card to seem boring? All-In-One Offline Maps! Once displayed, the archive is available with the map and it is possible to use the network.

  • Want to know more than just trails on the map now? Here's what you'll need;
  • Used to go places with poor network coverage? All in one day;
  • Ready to get acquainted with abroad? You will be destroyed from now on;
  • Data volume limit? This will reduce their use.


  • Various levels of maps, geographical maps, aerial (satellite) maps are available, which can be combined with any map: OpenStreetMap (street, topo), USGS national map (high-resolution topo, aerial photographs), Soviet military. Map world around the classic map topo, etc.
  • All precise obscure control levels can be stacked maps;
  • Choose and save huge areas in just a few clicks;
  • The retail space is clear and can be easily removed.

Call display, storage, and unlimited local brand

  • You can add different points on the map, such as waypoints, symbols, route areas, and tracks.
  • You can manage high-performance SD card placemark Explorer, simply.

On-map GPS positioning and orientation

  • Their precise location and direction can be turned into a clear display map that matches their actual approach (depending on device capabilities).
  • Save / Turn Off Battery Curve.

And also:

  • Metric ink and hybrid distance units;
  • Synergies between GPS latitude/longitude grid formats (UTM, MGRS, Using, OSGB grid, Irish grid, Swiss grid, Lambert grid, mesh DFCI, QTH QTH indicator ...)
  • Ability to import hundreds of formats import;
  • Grid on map display;
  • View full-screen map;
  • Multi-touch zoom;

Want to know more? A Stupid Adventure, so Alpine Quest Off-Road Explorer is all home-based on an offline map, Tracker is trying with a strong emphasis on a powerful GPS position.

What is new:

  • A circular standard display capability was added (Display Circular Standard Main Menu Options → Map);
  • Related to the performance of charge storage and the ability to add magnetic north;
  • Purchase new applications: use them as cards (.jpg / .png / .bmp / ​​gif) (just added the ability to organize images on an image card with Open Explorer);
  • Purchase new applications Additional support images to take advantage of OziExplorer Maps (.map + .png / jpg / BMP / ​​gif);
  • Various fixes and bug fixes.