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4.0 (73)
8 05, 2021
11.26.2 アンドロイド用
Android 2.3

Yandex Weather - A simple mobile app that keeps you up to date with temperatures in your hometown and around the world. Why should you download Yandex Weather for Android? Before you go to work or take a scenic walk in the fresh air, we look out the window and find out. What are the street temperature and weather conditions? And what should you do if you need to know in advance that it will be cloudy or cloudy on a particular day? This is the case here and m helps with replacing the nonlinear thermometer.

Life in the modern world is thanks to different technologies and developments. You can download the Yandex Weather app for Android for free. Extreme technology "Meteum" makes it possible to get forecasts in 95% of cases, which users choose with its accuracies. The application can specify the exact weather conditions in each area, depending on your movement on the ground. Special Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to select the size of the information program window;
  • Automatic updating of information;
  • Dissolved interface;
  • If desired, you can switch to manual mode.

With Yandex Weather for Android, you can find out what percentage of moisture is in the air, how many meters per meter, as well as air pressure, seasonal rainfall and possibly snow, snow or fog. When you add five points of interest to your account, the app will automatically show the information you are interested in, within the range you specify. For detailed statistics, slide the main menu to the right. If necessary, you can enlarge the screen and select a particular home. The application has a very good interface that every user can use.