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ダウンロード Hatsune Miku Colorful Stage APK For Android 2023

1.2.0 アンドロイド用
5.0 and up

Hatsune Miku Colorful Stage APK is a mobile rhythm game released by SEGA and Colorful Palette (a studio owned by Craft Egg). In the game, players can play rhythm games, view live MVs, and read character stories. There is a Global version of the game available for Android and iOS, as well as Japanese and Traditional Chinese versions.

In the game, the action takes place in the real world and in the world of "SEKAI". The SEKAI world was created by people's imaginations. There are different styles of SEKAI.

Due to their own imagination, one day the characters are transferred to SEKAI. Their journey began when they met virtual singers including Hatsune Miku in the SEKAI.

Music-loving characters overcome their obstacles in Hatsune Miku's new mobile rhythm game.


Embrace your true feelings! Young people in Shibuya, Tokyo, pass around a mysterious song called "Untitled" without melody or lyrics. It is through this song that you can open the door to SEKAI, a strange place where everyone can discover their true emotions.

Hatsune Miku and her Virtual Friends are among the 20 characters who overcome their struggles through the power of music.

Game Features:

  • Tap, hold, and flick your way to the rhythm!
  • A rich cast of characters with fully voiced story chapters awaits you.
  • A choice of five difficulty levels makes it easy to master.
  • Play alone or with your friends in a room.
  • Customize your band's music videos and collect character cards. To unlock more skills and increase your score, level up and upgrade your characters.
  • Stream a virtual concert at home with players from all over the world with Virtual Show! Make your own Glow Sticks and Avatar for the show.
  • You can make a wide variety of costumes for your band members!

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