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4.6 (2136)
7 28, 2020
2.8.5 アンドロイド用
Android 4.4
Abyss — Thrilling Chat Stories – This is a program where developers have collected many stories about different life situations that users can use to entertain, be helpful notes and a great way to spend your free time in a super interesting way.
This amazing app is transferred to the world known as "Gossip Girl" described in Sud, and all those users who have learned to read other people's reporters since childhood, the habit is bad. Here you do it directly! And so only bookworms will fall in love with this app.
Once downloaded, users can choose story styles for them. After this activity of selecting a nearby topic, the app generates conversations that users may be interested in. Once you read it, you can rate it. Like e-books in Google Star Rating Systems.
Abyss — Thrilling Chat Stories gossip stories are a good tool for anyone who considered reading to be a boring activity - people like this will see the accuracy of the advice not to judge a book by its cover. Is. The thing is that this activity, which at first glance seemed boring, allows users to use the app and enjoy them in visual effects designed to get a more impressive story in the project.
This Abyss — Thrilling Chat Stories chat stories become an excellent time killer for people of all ages and genre choices, and face the task of getting out of everyday stress completely - users simply sink into reality and parallel. Living this virtual life is not a choice. If he calculates the action, he will also be given the role described in the conversation situation. Just read to know everything!