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Are you struggling with your teen's studies in ninth or tenth grade? Searching for an application that you can use to help them out? In both cases, you are at the right place. This application provides users with a variety of materials for learning. Students in the 9th and 10th grades can use the Green Board App to learn at home with various learning materials.

Tutoring is made easier and more transparent with Green Board, an online platform. Users can view lecture notes, video lectures, Q&A samples, and more on this user-friendly app. There is no better method to boost a child's performance in various subjects than using this method. Thanks to the simple user interface of the app, parents can track their children's activities and check out study materials. For a more engaging learning experience, download the app now.

Home Learning Continued

Our child's schooling was affected by the pandemic, among other things. Around the world, schools were closed indefinitely for quite some time and reopened later when infections started declining. Due to this, schoolchildren were already forgetting various previously learned contents. In order to remind learners about numerous subjects, parents now hire tutors to come to their homes. For parents whose income was damaged by the pandemic, this is however costly. Our Green Board App is a cheaper alternative that will integrate with either an Android or iOS device.

With the help of this application, learners can continue studying even at home with a wide range of educational material. It contains videos that add to the learning experience by making the content more interactive. There are two languages you can choose from: English and Hindi. This application has a variety of learning materials to ensure your child gets the best education. Educate your child with exclusive content by downloading the app today for Android and iOS.

Highlights from the Green Board

Kids in 9th and 10th grades can use this official app for home learning. Your kid will be able to boost his or her grade with many types of learning materials provided by Green Board. The app has the following features

Materials For Various Types Of Study

School-going children can improve their academic performance through green board. Students will be able to gain and effectively apply a vast amount of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will help them thrive in their studies. With the materials that are offered here, your child can deliver an incredible performance. The app offers notes, NCERT solutions, lecture videos, and more.

Notes: A Comprehensive Review

Notes for all nine and tenth grades are included in this app. Throughout the cycle of learning, learners make use of the notes as a key resource. Notes are essential to learning, since without them we could not easily read and interpret concepts. Travel, vacation, or a walk in the park are all great times for learning when taking these notes. This app contains notes in Hindi, English, Science, Sanskrit, Biology, Chemistry, and more.

Solutions provided by NCERT

The entire NCERT solution provides learners with comprehensive coverage of a wide range of topics, concepts, and subjects. Other than that, NCERT Solutions is a one-stop resource that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the subjects and helps them to improve their scores.

With this solution book, NCERT question & answer patterns are emphasized. As well as providing answers to all questions posed in textbooks, it also provides answers to other questions. This book is available for students from classes 1 through 11 in the PDF format and is created for all classes in this application

Lecture videos

The effectiveness of audiovisual learning materials cannot be overstated. A student can't forget something they saw/observed. Its developer understands this and therefore includes a video lecture that uses an intriguing set of illustrations to teach. Learning can be done anywhere with these kinds of materials, from mobile devices, smartphones, and laptops.

A great method of transferring knowledge to learners is this method. Students can watch live videos that a teacher broadcasts or uploads to drive home the points. This classic app works the same way. Now your child can enjoy engaging video lectures with the app!

Question & Answer Samples

Providing learners with countless sample papers with multiple choice questions in each, the app is designed to help them prepare for exams and answer the questions that they may face.


Mobile devices with iOS and Android compatibility are supported by the app. Now your child can learn anytime, anywhere with this app!