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Download Panel Only Red APK For Android 2022

App By:
1.2 for Android
Required Android:
5.0 and up

Panel Only Red APK - If you've been playing Free Fire for some time, you've probably heard of assistance applications such as FF Tools Pro APK or Antena Plus APK, which help players to be more effective in the game. The different combats of their games were disputed. In addition to improving your performance in the game and climbing the rankings, these apps are independent apps developed outside of Garena itself.

It is clear that you have encountered players like this on more than one occasion, capable of shooting themselves in the head from almost anywhere and in milliseconds. As a result, Garena continually attempts to block these apps, so you're always looking for new apps that let you regain your advantage. It would be ideal if all players could access these apps, so the games would be balanced and fairer, but Garena constantly tries to block them.

What is Panel Only Red App?

A Garena Free Fire support application called Panel Only Red has been a great success in 2022. The application allows you to install a floating menu that allows you to activate different functions within the game, such as automatically targeting your enemies. 'Mod menu' apps offer a modification menu that allows you to modify the values of the game based on a series of macros.

In the new Panel Only Red app, these values improve your aim considerably, so you can hit your enemies with very precise shots in Free Fire like never before. By doing so, you'll be able to increase your kills like never before, climb the rankings, and compete against the best players.

Make more headshots!

This app is primarily used by players who want to get one headshot after another. This application has an automatic aiming system that can also be modulated to make it harder for Garena to detect. You can either opt for a 100% automated aiming system or you can use a 'semi-aimbot' that will assist you in a more subtle way.

Additionally, we must add other modification options such as removing the app's recoil, which allows you to shoot more often and more accurately. Moreover, you will be able to locate your enemies anywhere on the map with this application's antenna system.

Features of Panel Only Red 2022


To make shooting your enemies easier and to critically hit them more often, you can completely remove your weapon's recoil. Overcome your competitors with this advantage!

Semi aimbot

Panel Only Red is a semi-autonomous aimbot that assists with aiming more precisely without being fully automatic, as it would otherwise be easier to detect.

Full aimbot

You can activate the full-aimbot in games where you want to win by any means, allowing you to be much more effective in combat.


Finally, the antenna function allows you to locate your enemies on the map and move tactically to find the best positions for combat.