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Download MARVEL Battle Lines 2.23.0 FULL Apk 2021

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2.23.0 for Android
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Oct 24, 2019

MARVEL Battle Lines 2.23.0 Apk for Android

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MARVEL Battle Lines : Cosmic Cube is divided into new card games in the Marvel universe! Immerse yourself in the chaos of naval warfare. Super Heroes and Villains should be integrated into the action card game, including Avengers, Galaxy Guardians, and Spider-Man. Join the legendary hero, collect sharks and restore the universe! Collect over 100 battle cards from your favorite characters like Captain America, Thor, Daredevil, Venom, Doctor Strange and Thanos. Create devs and send characters in a direct player with players from around the world in single player mode or PVP competition. Define your strategy, create your deck and save the Marvel universe in this legendary card game! Download today! Characteristics of Marvel War Lines:

Action-card game

• Marvel's United Superhero

• Cruel enemies and fight to save the universe.

• Marvel Comics art styling converts every character image into a mass piece.

Marvel Comics Heroes and Villains

• Have more than 100 superheroes and supervillain cards:

• Iron Man

• Black widow

• Hulk

• Spider-Man

• Locky

• Black Cheat

• US Captain

• Daredevil

• Doctor Fantastic

• Thanks

• Poisoning

• More!


• Create a card game to create a strong team.

• Avengers, Galaxy Protector, Defenders, SHILL And combine many superhero and super villains!

• Define your strategy: Keep three cards and attack your opponent.

Battle Card Games

• Action card in single player mode

• PVP competition is available from the beginning.

Collect cards, create decks and save the universe from the marvel battle lines. Download Now!

■ Support

Is there a problem? Visit or

Settings → Customer Service ■ Contact us in the game by following the recommended specifications

Marvel Battles Lines is better for at least the OS 4.4 / Samsung Galaxy S6 or the ease. These devices may crash on devices that do not meet these requirements. ■ Privacy Policy:

■ Terms of Use:

This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting device settings.

■ About the application permissions

In order to provide the services listed below, we need some permissions.

[Required permission]

To join a screenshot for CS in the game, "Photo / Media / File" must be enabled.

Optional Please note that the optional permission does not affect gameplay.

[Authenticity management]

▶ Android 6.0 or higher - Settings> Apps> App selection> Permissions

▶ Android 6.0 - Update operating system version to cancel permissions under permissions; Uninstall App

  • If the permission for the application is not requested, you can use the above steps to manage the permissions.

What is new?

[Update new content]

1. Added 3 new cards

2. New events added

3. Added "mythological map decomposition" feature

4. Updating associated map data


1. Changed User Interface

2. Functional updates

[Computer program or system error removal]

1. Fixes other minor bugs