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Download Maps & GPS Navigation OsmAnd+ 3.4.0 Apk + Data 2021

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3.4.0 for Android
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Jun 28, 2019

Maps & GPS Navigation OsmAnd+ 3.4.0 Apk + Data for Android

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OSM and + (OSM Automated Navigation Directions) are a map and navigation application that uses free, global high-quality one trip (OSM) data.

Enjoy voice and visual navigation, see POI, create and manage GPX tracks, use Contour Visualization and elevation information, the choice between driving, cycling, pedestrian mode, OSM editing and more.

OSM and + are a paid application version. By purchasing, you support the project, finance new developments and finance the latest updates.

Some key features:


• Online (fast) or offline (no roaming charges abroad)

• Enable voice guides (recorded and mixed voice)

• Optional lane guide, street name display and approximate time of arrival

• Supports intermediate points for your passenger

• Automatic diversion when distracted by the road

• Search by places, type (e.g., restaurant, hotel, gas station, museum) or geographical coordinates

Showing maps

• Display your position and attitude

• Optionally, arrange photos according to the direction of your compass or your speed

• Save your most important places as favorites

• Show POI (point of interest) near you

• Customizable transparency with special online tiles, navigation view (from bing), overlay GPX tracks and extra layers like Navigation / Navigation

• Alternatively, you can enter a name in English, local, or phonetic sign

Use OSM and Wikipedia data

• Best Quality Information

• Available OSM data per country or territory

• Wikipedia POI Ideal for sightseeing

• Unlimited free downloads from the app directly

• Compact offline vector maps are updated at least once a month

• Selection between the entire area and the road network only (example: for all 700 MB in Japan or just 200 MB of the road network)

Security Features:

• Optional automatic day/night switching

• Optional high-speed performance if you cross it with a reminder

• Optional motion-based zooming

• Share your location so your friends can find you

Bicycle and pedestrian facilities

• Ideal for foot, hiking and biking trails, outdoor activities

• Special route and display mode for bicycles and pedestrians

• Line names including alternative public transit lines (bus, tram, train)

• Optional travel records for local GPX file or online service

• Optional speed and height operation

• Display of Contour Lines and Shading (by the additional plugin)

• Add directly to OSM

• Report a data error

• Upload GPX Tracks directly from GPM to app

• Add POI and upload to OSM (or if offline)

• Record an alternate trip even in background mode (when the device is in sleep mode)

Osmand is open source and is actively developing. Everyone can make mistakes, improve translations or program new tasks. Through all these forms of the developer and user, this project is an alive state of continuous improvement. The project's progress is also based on funding and financial aid for checking new facilities.

Estimated Map Coverage and Quality:

• Western Europe: ****

• Eastern Europe: ***

• Russia: ***

• North America: ***

• South America: **

• Asia: **

• Japan and Korea: ***

• Middle East: **

• Africa: **

• Antarctic: *

Most countries of the world

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Australia to America, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Great Britain, Spain, ...

What is new?

• New Route Screen: Display Home and Work Target, Previous Root Link, Active Tracks, Search History Button

• Additional information under 'Route details': type of road, surface, stability, lubrication

• Navigation by public transport

• New quick action to show / hide track / day / night mode

• Fixed flood cover in Germany, South Africa, Quebec

• Imports better for KML and KMZ imports

• Fixed crashes when some public transport is closed


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2.” folder “android/data” copy into.
  3. Enter the game.