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Download GPS Tools Unlocked Apk 2021

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Sep 16, 2018

GPS Tools Unlocked Apk for Android

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If you've ever been stuck right on the street without a GPS location? Have you ever needed for an application of GPS-based devices?

All location tagging, speedometer, altimeter, compass directions, the GPS Tools, differential level meters, and range finder GPS Tools app, is equipped with a GPS device.

Excessive battery optimized GPS App
Fast GPS updates while working offline
Easy to use and well organized

But always in the exact position of the poor signal areas with high accuracy
Finder Find a useful set of tools
Parts photo location, address and other integration
Track your lost phone sounds
To stop the alarm GPS only to miss the train or re-infection

Outdoors or altimeter and smart widget comes with tracking
Create alert to the speed limits and more on fasting
On speed record and chase your trip
Get directions to your destination with a compass
Level Meter measurement of the surface layer

Oriented and order your burger with satellite signal strength
Polluted areas and stay away from serious diseases with air pollution monitoring
The plan is based on the local weather conditions and forecasts visit
Stay dry in rainy weather with rain warnings
UV indexes are sunburn and melanoma with information

House midfield with their property, territory Finder
Quickly find the height or distance between any location
Save your favorite places you want to visit or frequent visits
Get the right equipment sensor data
Continue to update their app and wear

*, Android wear and give direct support to the application services
* Metric and Imperial units
* Some features available in all countries

Enjoy the use of a GPS device and download the GPS features with minimal battery drain!
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What is new

* New! Weather added per feature
* New! The new units have been added
* New! Added altimeter function. Enjoy your tracking!
* Forgot your rankings height and reach other parts of the challenge.
* Customize your app background image and background screen.
* See GPS positions on the Information Bar.
* Speed ​​/ Trip was added to the log and speed limit warning functions.
* Download rain Alerts and stay dry"