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Download Facetune 1.1.3 Apk Full Unlocked 2020

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Jan 08, 2017

Facetune 1.1.3 Apk Full Unlocked for Android

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Facetune Apk

• Faculty is an entertaining and powerful portrait and self-image editor!
• Add reach and artificial reactions to your own or portrait!
• Download it now and get your magazine-level photos today!
Each picture may need to be reworked. That's why Photoshop uses expensive and complex tools to help people try their best. But now there is the aspect! Facetime provides easy-to-use, powerful tools (only available to professionals) and takes any photo or selfie. For example, you can easily remove guilt and dark circles or can add natural make-up. There is also an effective and easy-to-use teeth whitening tool! Now you can make sure that your self only shows the best version for you - whether you are using those profiles for your professional profile or sharing online volunteering with friends. In a stubborn world
Appreciation for the main photo editor:
  • "It also helps to improve your Hollywood look at photos taken on mobile phones." - Roy Fergot, NY Times
  • Freston's patch quality was hard for me. You have a photo editing editor. "- Alison Kazmucchu, Emoor
  • "Provides features like Photoshop for Factory people." - Victoria Taylor, New York Daily Today

What is Passion for you?

• Perfect smile
• Expand or refine your smile
• User-friendly teeth tool

Nice skin

• Smooth and rejuvenate your skin
• Publish dark circles
• Remove acne, acne and stains

Bright eyes

• Insert your eye for a sharp look
• Change the color of your eyes
• Remove the effects of red and white eyes


• Return
• Fill the Bald Spot
• Remove trimming hair

Face research

• Refine jaws or rows
• High cheekbones and forehead
• Adjust your nose's size or run it again
• Increase or decrease
• Change your face completely to strange or other funny shapes

It is visible

• Add a touch of the thumb and eye shadow
• Give more volume to your stress strap and shape your forehead
• Paint your lips
• Make your natural lip color even more intense
• Smell the skin with the commencement

Photo specialists

• Focus on photos by distorting or obscuring the background
• Increase the light or add special effects
• Create optimized filters
• Add a unique texture and custom border
• Rotate the picture
• Photo Mirror

Create ART

• Give an artistic touch to your photos
• Photo Editor with Customizable Filter


• Share your edited images instantly via social media or email with your friends and family

Simple and fun

• Compare your picture to your mobile phone
• Have problems? Faculty provides informative graphics and video support screens for each task
Do not wait! Get Facetune today and Take Beautiful Portrait Photos and Volunteering You Always Want!

What is new?

  • This update provides better support for bug fixes and Android gates.