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App By:
HYBE IM Co., Ltd.
1.0.4 for Android
Required Android:
5.0 and up

BTS Island APK - We'd love to have you over for a break

Located in the SEOM, BTS Island was created to promote healing and relaxation

BTS gave ARMY the game title, logo, character design, and soundtrack! To make the game even more enjoyable, BTS members shaped many details!

Puzzles With Bts And Bts Bombs!

Break puzzle pieces with BTS and make memories! BTS members collaborated on these thrilling puzzles! Whenever you get stuck, use BTS Bombs featuring BTS characters!

Find BTS' stories In the SEOM!

A thoughtful and selfless leader in RM, sunny and positive J-hope and Jin, cool and laid back SUGA, warm and sweet Jimin, goofy and charming V, and good-at-everything Jung Kook, the SEOM characters perfectly represent the delicious personalities of BTS!

In the SEOM, you can decorate your own island! Use items that are themed to decorate! Enjoy fishing, swimming, ping pong, boxing, and fireworks! Take part in Today's Missions to enjoy adorable scenarios and reap plenty of rewards

You can only find the SEOM on BTS Island! Photo albums with exclusive BTS photos to SUGA's original soundtrack 'Our Island (Prod. SUGA of BTS)'! The members will be drawing easter eggs! Don't miss it!

BTS Features:

Help the boys learn how to live on an island by downloading BTS Island now.

Fun puzzle game

With thousands of free games available now, we're used to playing a lot of them. From RPGs to racing games to action games, you can play a wide range of mobile games.

However, there are many types of puzzle games available today for those who love them. BTS Island belongs to the matching type, which is the most popular. It features BTS, one of today's most popular boybands.

BTS is one of the most popular boy bands today, so unless you live under a rock, you would know who they are. As the boys are stranded, you'll have to help them adjust to living on an island. Matching elements will be the key to solving many puzzles.

By taking into account the suggestions of the members, you can also make smart decisions for them. Additionally, there are exclusive photo albums from members and easter eggs. You can now enjoy the game!

Solve puzzles

It's the perfect opportunity for you if you enjoy puzzle games. Throughout this amazing game, you'll have to match different items in order to solve countless puzzles. As with Candy Crush, you must match the items in order to complete the puzzle.

You can get items if you complete the puzzles. The game includes many quests, such as exploring and gathering items, so you'll need to solve puzzles to progress. If you enjoy puzzles and BTS, you will love this game.

BTS members

In this game, BTS boys are the starting characters. Members like RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Jimin, and Jin are included in this group. In order to differentiate themselves from each other, each member has a different hair color.

There are also different dialogues and decisions they will make that you will need to consider. In this game, the members will focus on surviving by finding materials, solving puzzles, and working together.

Decorate and stories

There is also the option to decorate the island that the BTS members will stay on on BTS Island. Swimming, playing, fishing, and even lighting fireworks are all possible.