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Mity Patreon
1.0.9 for Android
Required Android:
5.0 and up

18titans APK - Robin leads the Teen Titans, a group of young superheroes who fight crime.

Slade, one of the Titans' most dangerous enemies, abducted Robin, their team leader, unknown to the other Titans

A cryptic message is revealed after Slade injects something into Robins' veins.

How does this version differ from 1.0.9 in terms of new features?

  • You can get a simple boob/handjob from Raven(That’s all that’s new for her in this version).
  • The Beast Boy/Girl gets a moped/money, and you get something in return!
  • Jinx will react when a certain thing is pushed through a hole in a wall. It is also possible to invite Beast Boy!
  • Either in her mouth or in her uterus, Blackfire receives extra nutrients. You are always welcome to bring Starfire along to watch.
  • A Titan outfit is given to Terra after she becomes a member of the Titans. For the first time, Slade shows off his new idle.
  • In order to deal more damage and increase his defense, the MC learns a new technique.
  • Yhads is selling a new poster.
  • The new content ends after you've seen all of the scenes I mentioned above and added some "under construction" signs here and there.