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4,6 (104)
Aktualisiert am:
Aug 16, 2021
App von:
Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
9.6.5 für Android
Erforderliches Android:
Android 4.1

The best quest is a "three in a row" genre game.

The game takes place in a world of fairy tales where it has been quiet for a while. One day a meteorite fell on the mountain where there were uneasy slums. Local residents must now protect their forest from intruders at all costs. To do this, you need to attach the blocks to damage the snails. If you connect blocks of the same color to the hero, this will do extra damage to the enemies. During the game, you need to use the keys that you can use to open new characters. The main task of the player is to collect a certain number of combinations at each level.